FAQ - How do I become a Certified Hypnotherapist?

NLP Hypnosis Centre - How do I become a Certified Hypnotherapist?

First it is important to answer the following questions? 

What is a Certified Hypnotist? 

What is a Certified Hypnotherapist? 

Do they all use the same hypnosis, or it is different? 

Let’s begin answering the last one … they all use the same technique, hypnosis. 

Hypnosis, in a simple definition, is a technique that takes you into the Hypnotic State, some times called Trance, a state of total concentration, a state of high suggestibility. 

The Nation Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. (NGH) created the title “Consulting Hypnotist” for those who practice hypnotism, in this case called Consulting Hypnotism, used for Non-Therapeutic hypnosis. 

A Hypnotherapist is usually a Health Care Professional that practices Hypnotism, as therapy and is called Hypnotherapy. 

A Consulting Hypnotist, a Hypnotist, do not do therapy. 

This is very important to clarify to clients. A Consulting Hypnotist has clients. A Hypnotherapist has patients. 

So, How long it takes to learn Hypnosis? How do I become a Hypnotherapist? 

The technique is very easy to learn, you could learn it in a few hours, learning how to use it in a safe and professional way takes more time, training and experience. 

You will find hypnosis training certifications that are between 100 and 300 hours, and some more than that. 

At NLP Hypnosis Centre, we use Consulting Hypnotism. We offer a training in Hypnosis, in Consulting Hypnotist, that is 100 hours and it follows the National Guild of Hypnotists curriculum and it is taught by a NGH Certified Trainer. 

In my case for, example, it is important to clarify that I, Olivier Hidalgo, practice Consulting Hypnotism, Non-Therapeutic Hypnosis, because my father Olivier Hidalgo, is a Doctor, a Health Care Professional, and some times people who call me asking about hypnosis think that they are calling my father. 

Is we are taking about practicing Hypnotherapy, using hypnosis for therapy, then of course you must become a Health Care Professional first and we all know it takes much longer. 

Hypnosis is self regulated in many countries, provinces or states, meaning is regulated by the organization or school that gives you the certification. In some countries hypnotists can call themselves hypnotherapists ... in others not.

The NGGH requires members to call themselves Consulting Hypnotists, unless they are also Health Care Professionals, so we show the public that we do not do therapy.

At NLPL Hypnosis Centre we practice Consulting Hypnotism and we follow The NGH code of ethic and recomendations for Consulting Hypnotism and we follow the rules and regulations for Hypnosis in Ontario, Canada.

Olivier Hidalgo. NGH Certified Instructor. NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist. 
NLP Hypnosis Centre. https://www.londonhypnosistraining.ca London, Ontario. Canada
Olivier Hidalgo is owner of NLP Hypnosis Centre in London, Ontario. Canada.