Who is the best hypnotist in London, Ontario?

Who is the best hypnotist or the best hypnotherapist in London, Ontario.

Who is the best hypnotist in London, Ontario? 

Who is the best hypnotherapist in London, Ontario? 

The easy answer is Olivier Hidalgo, owner of NLP Hypnosis Centre is the best Hypnotist in London, Ontario. Sure humbly speaking, lol. Every hypnotist, every hypnotherapist will  consider herself-himself the best, because that is our goal, to be the best to serve you better. 

Let's start by clarifying terms like hypnotist, hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist. They all use the same technique, hypnosis. 

There are many definitions of what hypnosis is, for us it is a technique that takes you into a hypnotic state, sometimes called a hypnotic trance. A state of total concentration, where you more easily access your subconscious, can accept suggestions more easily and therefore create very powerful positive changes in your life. 

NLP Hypnosis Centre, Hypnosis Training and Services, with an office located in London, Ontario and therefore we follow the Ontario regulations regarding the professional practice of hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapist is a healthcare professional who practices hypnosis. He uses hypnosis as therapy for medical problems. 
Hypnotist, or Consulting Hypnotist, uses hypnosis for everyday, non-medical problems. 

A Stage Hypnotist, uses hypnosis for fun or entertainment. 

In all the previous cases the technique, hypnosis, is the same, it is its use and the terminology that make the difference. It is in itself a matter of regulations in different states, provinces or countries. For example, we at NLP Hypnosis Centre, The Professional Hypnosis Centre, we are not hypnotherapists, we are not doctors, we are Consulting Hypnotists(NGH Board Certified, NGH Certified Instructor) and we do not diagnose or work with medical problems unless it is with a referral from a doctor or health professional. 

If your problem is a medical one, ideally you should first consult with a health care professional who practices hypnosis. It is important that the professional actually practices hypnosis, because it is one thing to know hypnosis and another to practice and have experience in hypnosis. 

If you wonder, Who is the best hypnotherapist in London, Ontario? Ask for credentials, years of hypnosis experience, memberships to professional hypnosis organizations, client testimonials, guarantees. The vast majority of Consulting Hypnotists, hypnotists, and hypnotherapists will not offer you a guarantee, in the same way that no health care professional offers you any guarantee, it is simply because much of your progress or improvement depends on you. 

We at NLP Hypnosis Centre, The Professional Hypnosis Centre, in London, Ontario, offer the following guarantee, "If you do not experience hypnosis, in your hypnosis session, we will refund your money, totally, 100%." 

Anyone can be hypnotized. If you can concentrate, use your imagination and follow instructions, you can enjoy the hypnotic state. Now for some people it is very easy to enter the hypnotic state for others it takes a little longer. 

In our hypnosis practice we have found that there are three main factors that prevent a person from entering the hypnotic state. 

One, and perhaps most important, inexperience or lack of professional training of the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. 

Two, fears or myths that the person has about being hypnotized. 

Three, the rapport, the connection, the relationship between the hypnotist and the person to be hypnotized. 

Of course different hypnotists work in different fields and a hypnotist or hypnotherapist may tell you that he or she does not work with people with the problem you have. On the other hand, most hypnotists or hypnotherapists will not hypnotize a person who has medical heart problems, or who suffers from epilepsy, to give only two examples, not because the person cannot be hypnotized, but because if something bad happens during the hypnosis, it is most likely that the hypnotist is to blame, or the hypnosis, and not the disease, for that reason the hypnotist or hypnotherapist will not take that risk. 

I repeat, if you can concentrate, if you can use your imagination, if you can follow instructions, you can enter hypnosis and enjoy the powerful benefits of the hypnotic state. 

Note that I did not mention "believe in hypnosis". The factor of believing or not believing in hypnosis is not important, because it is not an act of faith, to believe in something, it is a technique, and if you follow the steps you will enter hypnosis. 

Olivier Hidalgo. 
NGH Board Certified. Certified Hypnosis Instructor. Certified Consulting Hypnotist.
151B York Street, 
London, Ontario. 

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