What's NLP Hypnosis Centre?

LondonHypnosisTrainging.ca - What's NLP Hypnosis  Centre.

LondonHypnosisTraining.ca is owned by  NLP Hypnosis Centre.

NLP Hypnosis Centre provides services and training in Hypnosis.

NLP Hypnosis Centre is a company registered in London, Ontario. Canada.
Owner: Olivier Hidalgo, Certified Instructor. Master in Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation.

It is located in 151B York Street, London, Ontario. Canada.

NLP Hypnois Centre. Training:

- NGH Approved Hypnotism Certification (100 hours).
- Self-Hypnosis Training (6 hours).

NLP Hypnosis Centre. Techniques we use:
Hypnosis - Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP),  Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, 

NLP Hypnosis Centre. Services:

  • Relax and sleep better. 
  • Inner Peace and Harmony. 
  • Manage apprehensions or fears. 
  • Become more optimistic and positive. 
  • Weight Management. 
  • Stop Smoking. Smoking Cessation. 
  • Discover a definitive chief aim and/or to determine and set goals. 
  • Explore your spirituality. 
  • Attract more positive results to your life. 
  • Self-Confidence. Become more successful and high achieving. 
  • Enhance Your Personal Skills and Assets. 
  • Personal Organization and Management. 
  • Become more persuasive and interpersonally effective. 
  • Promote Wellness in your life Get motivated. 
  • Improve your mind-body balance. 
  • Clear your mind from negativity. 
  • Empower your inner talk. 
  • Communicate better. 
  • Create powerful thinking. 
  • Increase your spiritual awareness.

More information please call 519-495-6405.