London Hypnosis Training
Become a NGH Certified Hypnotist.

Become a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

The National Guild of Hypnotists. Established in 1950. Over 14,000 members in 82 countries.

A Profesional Curriculum approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

We go beyond the NGH training curriculum. by including basic NLP, Meditation, Time-Line Therapy, and Life Coaching.

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Taught by Olivier Hidalgo, CI. BCH.
Certified Instructor using NGH approved materials. NGH Board Certified Hypnotist.

The course investment normally is $2,500 including all fees and taxes.

Now only C$1,737+C$225.81(HST)=C$1,962.81

For more information please call 519-495-6405.

NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London Hypnosis Training.
London, Ontario. Canada.
NGH Approved Hypnotism Certification.
What you will learn:

  • What's hypnosis?
  • Different types of hypnosis.
  • Suggestibiliy Tests
  • Favourable and unfavourable influences.
  • Cautions of Hypnosis
  • History of Hypnosis.
  • How to Hypnotize.
  • Trance Deepth.
  • Suggestion Management.
  • The conscious, unconscious, and subconcious.
  • Mechanical aids.
  • Aditional Inductions.
  • Deepening tecniques.
  • Anesthesia management.
  • Hypnosis for Stop Smoking. Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
  • Hypnosis  for Weight Manament.
  • Stress Management.
  • Ethics.
  • Session Structure.
  • Behavioural Assessment.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Image Psychology and Hypnosis.
  • Use of Hypnosis Scripts.
  •  How to run a six hours Self-Hypnosis.
  • Age Regression(Basic).
  • Marketing your practice.
  • Insurance and business ideas
  •  And more ...

NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London Hypnosis Training.

NGH Approved Hypnotism Certification. 

Student Material includes:

  • Student Book #1.
  • Student Book #2.
  • Script Packet.
  • Mastering Marketing Book.
  • Hypnotic Recolections Book.
  • Pendulum and chart.
  • Test.
  • Recollections Book.
  • HYPNOmotivation Book.
  •  1 Year NGH Membership with all benefits.

NLP Hypnosis Training.
London, Ontario. Canada.

London Hypnosis Training.

Each New Member Packet Contains:

  • 11x14 Presonalized Consulting Hypnotist Certificate.
  • NGH Membership Card.
  • The Journal of Hypnotism (quaterly).
  • The HypnoGrame (quaterly, E-Zine).
  • Member-only DVD rental library.
  • Products especials.

London Hypnosis Training.
Training Approved by The National Guild of Hypnotists.
More than 14,000 members in 82 countries.


London Hypnosis Training
Hypnotism Certification taugh by
Olivier Hidalgo, NGH Certified Instructor.
Owner of NLP Hypnosis Centre.
London, Ontario. Canada.