What is NLP Hypnosis Centre?

NLP Hypnosis Centre. 
London, Ontario. Canada.

What is NLP Hypnosis Centre? 

NLP Hypnosis Centre, owned by Olivier Hidalgo. Our office is located at The Executive Centre, at 151B York Street, London, Ontario.

At NLP Hypnosis Centre we provide services of Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, Meditation, Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP), Ho'oponopono and Reiki. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 

We show you how you can program your mind for positive change, how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools and techniques to better communicate with yourself and with others. To gain more confidence. 

Ho’oponopono ... the power of conscience ... the power of love and forgiveness. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice. Negativity is cleared. Clear negative thoughts. It helps you reduce stress and negativity, creating more inner peace and harmony. Ho'oponopono is a practice based on conscience, love, forgiveness. Cleaning and purifying your mind. Gaining more harmony and peace. It helps you communicate better with yourself and with others. 

Mindfulness Meditation (MBSR) and Reiki. Mindfulness meditation, where the goal is to be present, to create awareness. For reflection and stress reduction. You are creating awareness and inner peace. 

Reiki, a powerful and effective way to manage your energy in a positive and empowering way. It helps you connect with yourself, with your inner wisdom. To create positive changes and inner peace. 

Hypnosis, NLP, Ho'oponopono, Mindfulness Meditation, NLP, and Reiki strengthen the balance of the mind and body and increase your inner harmony, inner peace, inner conversation, and ability to achieve your personal, professional, and business goals. They help you empower your mind and conscience. They help you improve your life. 

At NLP Hypnosis Centre, we also do training and certification of Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis. 

The Hypnotism Certification is 100 hours that can be done entirely online, or in person, or a combination of both. Likewise the Self-Hypnosis Training which is 6 hours. 

At NLP Hypnosis Centre, we follow the regulations and protocols established by the province of Ontario, Canada. At this time due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, the sessions and training are done online, through Zoom, classes and virtual sessions. 

Our office at 151B York Street is temporarily closed. Our service hours are from Monday to Saturday, from 1PM to 9PM. As the situation improves, we will reopen our office and home visits, which was our most popular service. 

Our phone is 519-495-6405, and you can also write to us through our contact page in LondonHypnosisTraining.ca https://www.londonhypnosistraining.ca/contact

Olivier Hidalgo, owner of NLP Hypnosis Centre is NGH Board Certified, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor. NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Also master in Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation, Reiki and Ho'oponopono.

London Hypnosis Training

Our office is located in downtown London.
151B York Street, London, Ontariio.